PGA Centre for Learning and Performance

The PGA Centre for Learning and Performance is a brand new, state of the art indoor coaching facility located at Sandhurst Golf Club. The centre utilises the latest coaching technology and places it all in the hands of the golf coach so the student receives the best possible coaching experience. All relevant parts of the golf swing are measured with this data then being used by your experienced golf coach, Brent Davis, to coach you on making better golf swings and hitting better golf shots.

Facilities at the PGA Centre for Learning and Performance include

  • State of the art indoor hitting bays
  • Trackman radar launch monitor
  • SAM BalanceLab
  • SAM PuttLab
  • High-speed video with V1 software analysis
  • ZenoLink 3D swing analysis
Video coaching along with Trackman, SAM BalanceLab, SAM PuttLab and ZenoLink data and evaluation are all sessions that can be booked with Brent. Individual sessions are personalised based on your needs.

To make a booking with Brent or to discuss your golf game and needs feel free to call him on 0402775546 anytime.