Golf Coaching

To become a successful golfer and improve your game, a lot of different areas need to be covered. Golf swing technique, short game, course management, nutrition, mental training, club fitting and physical fitness are just some of the areas that need to be covered to ensure improvement is made to your game. Brent has the highest possible PGA qualifications as well as a Masters in Applied Science ( Sport Coaching) which makes him a complete coach able to coach you through all aspects of your game.

Brent is able to design a long-term development plan for golfers of all standards. These plans are designed to assist the golfer in achieving their goals for their game. Brent can complete a full evaluation of a golfer skills and current situation and, in conjunction with the student, design a comprehensive program to achieve success in golf.

Brent offers full swing, short game, putting, course management and club evaluation/fitting coaching sessions as part of his normal coaching schedule. He is also able to coach students through learning style evaluations, psychology evaluations, physical evaluations, goal setting, annual planning, statistic keeping and biomechanical evaluations. He can aslo refer students to specialist service providers who can expand on the sessions provided by Brent.

This combination of PGA training and sport science education allows Brent to be a complete coach who is able to coach his students to achieve their golfing dreams. Contact Brent to further discuss your golfing needs.